Book of the month: “Holding Up the Universe” by Jennifer Niven

I have decided to start a new series where i recommend a new book to you each month. Let me know if you like the idea or not in the comments and if you want me to continue!

This month I have read a book by Jennifer Niven called "Holding Up the Universe" and I really enjoyed it! I've read Jennifer's "All the Bright Places" and it is one of my favourite books! Jennifer writes mostly about tabooed topics such as mental illness or obesity, and I really like that idea. I think especially mental illness is an imortant topic to talk and inform people about and Jennifer always gets it spot on!

"Holding Up the Universe" portrays a 17-year old girl, Libby, which once was America's fattest teenager. She has a tough past where she has dealt with losing her mother and always beeing bullied in school. After she has been home-schooled for a while Libby starts in high school again. There she has to deal with the same people that bullied her years ago but Libby is strong and confident, and maybe she can teach her classmates a lesson or two.

Jack is a student on the same school. He suffers from prosopagnosia which basically means he can't recognise faces - not even the faces of the people he loves the most. He hides his disease behind a confident smile and his smart attitude, but one day he realizes that it doesn't help him - far from it!

Of course Jack and Libby meet each other, and they find out that the two of them have met before and that they can help each other with their problems and deal with them jointly.

I really, really liked this book! It really makes you think a lot, and it teaches you a lot of lessons. On top of that it also deals with very important issues, and I really like that it isn't just another typical teen-romance but really has an important message!

If you haven't read Jeniffer's "All the bright places" i really recommend you reading that too! She is such a talented writer with such strong characters.

If you have any book recommendations feel free to leave them in the comments - I would love to read new books!

Anja xx

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