My go to spring eye makeup look

Hey guys!

When the days get brighter I like my makeup to be a bit more colorful and bright as well and this year I have been inspired by the latest makeup trend – glossy eyelids!

I love the idea of a shiny lid in the summer and spring time and I just think a dewy and shiny skin looks more natural and healthy. The colors I usually go for is a coral pink or a warm brown, and in the summertime I like to use a bit more bronzer to look a bit more tanned and the coral pink complements the bronzed look very well! I do not have a coral pink but I create the color by mixing a orange and pink blush from my sleek palette and it works perfectly fine for me. The only challenge is to avoid fallout, but if you bake underneath your eyes you can wait until you have finished your eyeshadow to wipe off the excess powder – that should do the trick!

To create the glossy look I use my Origins Drink Up hydrating lip balm which is a tinted pink lip gloss. You can also use a clear gloss, but I like the pink shine in the summertime!

The only problem with this eyeshadow look is that the gloss makes the eyeshadow crease a lot easier (as you can see on the pictures) but I am working on new ways to apply the gloss and eyeshadow to avoid the creasing.

 I hope you enjoyed the post and maybe felt inspired to try out this new trend yourself!

Anja xx

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  1. Ooooh I love the color, this look is so nice!

    1. Anja Neergaard says: Reply

      Thank you, that is so sweet!
      Anja x

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