Relaxing spring walks

Hey guys!

Yaaay spring is finally here! In denmark we have had a few sunny days and I have tried to make the most of them as possible but unfortunately I had to take my mid-term examination this week - hence the short post.

I have really enjoyed taking a long walk in the woods with my dog as a break from the studying to just clear my mind and focus on something else. There is something about fresh air that just makes you feel at ease! Anyways I just wanted to share a few of the photographs I took on one of the walks and just check in with you guys.

I hope you are all having an amazing week!

Anja xx

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  1. Heidi says: Reply

    Oh my you guys don’t have snow anymore! Finland is still covered in snow and oh how I just hate it! But gladly sun is shining almost everyday and snow is melting little by little 😍

    Heidi | Heidi’s Planner

  2. Anja Neergaard says: Reply

    Haha, when we have snow it only lasts for a few days but it is also nice to have a little snow from time to time.
    I hope you get to feel the spring arriving soon!
    Anja xx

  3. Regina says: Reply

    ahh your photography is spot-on! Love your blog (and your dog) x

    Blog | Bits of Reg

    1. Anja Neergaard says: Reply

      Aw thank you!
      Anja x

  4. Use to love taking walks with my dog. The close up of your dogs face is a wonderful photo!

    1. Anja Neergaard says: Reply

      Thank you so much, and yeah walks with your dog is the best thing!
      Anja x

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